Booking and prices

The SOUL BUS Exclusive: Your retreat on demand

The SOUL BUS can be booked by the day and will go anywhere, as long as you can offer a level parking space of at least 8 x 3.5 meters with good maneuverability.
The access point should be at least 3 meters high and 3 meters wide. The parking space needs to be available one hour before and one hour after the session. Ideally, there should be an electric socket no further than 50 meters away, although the SOUL BUS can also operate without mains electricity.

As I am not reachable by phone during treatments, feel free to write me an e-mail or call and leave a message.

Climb aboard, switch off, recharge your batteries

The daily flat rate for the SOUL BUS is €800 (incl. 19 % VAT).


The price includes the provision of the bus up to a maximum of 10 hours, including set-up and dismantling times as well as 6 hours of service including all necessary materials.
The offer includes a flat rate for motor fuel, which may need to be adjusted given current price levels and fluctuations. Because the SOUL BUS is a mobile company, travel costs are calculated individually and negotiated depending on the order. For multi-day bookings, the daily flat rate will be reduced by the equivalent travel costs.
The best way to plan your exclusive SOUL BUS experience is a personal conversation.