Dealing well with stress


Relaxation techniques

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) using the Jacobsen technique
Stress is firmly linked to the tensing of muscles. The conscious tensing and relaxing of muscles is the basis of PMR. After the course of treatment, you will be able to react quickly to stressful situations by employing the relaxation strategies you have learned.

Autogenic training: Using your powers of imagination, autogenic training can put you in a state of relaxation, reduce stress and even alleviate sleep problems.

SOMA Breath® Meditation: Learn how to use your breathing to relieve stress and anxiety and strengthen your immune and cardiovascular systems.

Mindfulness training

Developing mindfulness is a way to regain inner freedom, learn how to become calm and find your way into a state of deep, sustained relaxation and harmony, where you can feel and perceive yourself as a whole entity again, shaking off all human shortcomings and vulnerabilities. You will experience a dimension of deep well-being, calmness, clarity and insight in which you can recognize ways to improve your health and better channel your energy in difficult situations. In this course of training, you will dedicate yourself to the mental foundations of mindfulness, breathing management, meditation, body scan and yoga.

Stress management

In this training course, you will focus on maintaining and enhancing resources and managing the mental, emotional and physical aspects of stress. The training starts with this question: What do we actually mean by stress?
In the next part, the objective is mindful awareness of and reflection on stress-inducing thought patterns and their gradual transformation into stress-alleviating processes.
There then follows problem-solving training in which you will learn specific coping strategies for individual stresses.
The last – training for enjoyment– element of the course is about balancing existing stresses and reinforcing regenerative stress competence.

Whether you’re looking for a workshop, a short course, a multi-week course or an individual setting, we can work together on finding a suitable format for you.