The wellness menu I

Classic intuitive massage

With the more soothing strokes of a wellness massage, your neural pathways send information to the brain which triggers the release of oxytocin, the happy hormone. Massage releases endorphins (the bodys own opioids) into the blood, helping to dial down tension and relieve pain. Stress hormones are reduced, your heart rate slows, your body relaxes and your immune system receives a welcome boost. The classic intuitive massage consciously combines different techniques that are specifically tailored to your condition.

Duration: 60 minutes

Breuss Energy Massage DeLuxe

This is a highly effective combination of sound massage and Breuss energy massage. The vibrations of the singing bowls placed on your body relax the muscles and promote the flow of energy, while the sounds lull you into a deep state of relaxation. This is followed by the classic Breuss massage. With the aid of copious amounts of healing St. John’s wort oil and gentle, slow strokes along your spine, the natural spaces between intervertebral discs and nerve pathways are restored. This results in a lighter and energized body feeling and a reduction in back pain.

Duration: 60 minutes

Foot reflexology

The feet are believed to “mirror” certain organs and body systems. Foot reflexology is a relaxing pressure point massage to stimulate specific areas of the body and organs, as a result of which the lymphatic and nervous systems are also positively influenced, thus improving blood circulation. Foot reflexology massage has a generally positive effect on your well-being and – just like other therapies – mobilizes your own powers of self-healing.

Duration: 60 minutes

Peter Hess® sound massage

Fundamental to the effectiveness of sound massage are our perceptions of vibrations. Because the human body consists of between 70 and 80 percent water, the gentle sonic vibrations ripple out through body fluids, tissues, muscles, tendons, bones and organs, stimulating the entire frame. Physical and mental tensions and blockages are gently dissipated, stimulating self-healing. In addition, the soothing sounds quickly lead the client into a state of deep, regenerative relaxation.
During sound massage, the bowls are placed on the clothed body according to the client’s individual needs.

Duration: 60 minutes

The wellness menu II

Massage-sound combination

First, your muscles are gently loosened up by the vibrations of the singing bowl(s) placed on the body, while the sounds themselves produce mental relaxation. Next comes the massage by hand. The combined effect is perceived as very pleasant, with the prior sound therapy intensifying the manual massage. The combination is applicable with almost all massages we offer. In the preliminary discussion, we reach agreement on which treatments are appropriate. The combination is especially suitable if you find it difficult to relax or if you would like to experience both forms of massage.

Duration: 60 minutes

Aroma oil massage

Aroma oil massage combines the healing power of touch with the beneficial energies of fragrant plants for a holistic treatment of body, mind and soul. This full body massage with gentle stroking and kneading movements uses plenty of lubricant oil enriched with essential oils selected according to your individual needs. In addition to the scent being taken up through the sense of smell, the natural substances of the essential oils are absorbed through the skin. Your mental and spiritual condition is enhanced by the balancing massage effect, which has a positive influence on stress-related phenomena.

The aromatic oils used for this massage are sourced from the renowned DoTerra and Young Living brands. 

Duration: 90 minutes

Ayurvedic localized body massages

Mukabhyanga & Shirobhyanga

This massage is dedicated to the head, face, décolleté, neck and shoulders.
The massage strokes together with the stimulation of marma (energy) points promotes relaxation and well-being and helps to ward off headaches.

Warm oil is used to massage and knead the feet and calves up to knee height. The massage has a calming and balancing effect on headaches, nervousness, shivers and tiredness of the legs.

Duration: 60 minutes

Ayurvedic full body massages

Ayurvedic massages are mainly characterized by the use of plentiful oil and long, gentle stroking movements. In addition to activation of the internal organs, the client’s metabolism and cleansing/elimination functions are revitalized. A decisive factor is the power of human touch, which always makes an Abhyanga an effective massage of the soul.

In the Marma massage, the marma (energy) points are also taken into account. Each of these vital points is connected to certain structures and organs of the body. By applying pressure to the marma points, specific internal disturbances are targeted and the stagnated energy is made to flow again along its regular pathway.

Duration: 90 – 120 minutes